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Description:   Flood is a comprehensive implementation of the multilayer perceptron neural network in the C++ programming language. The Current Release is Flood 3. Many examplesUnit testingExtensive documentation

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Open Liars A C# library that handles Open Layers javascript library in a server side fashion and declarative way. You code as if you were living in a server side enviroment and at the end the library will write the client code for ya.

Parallel Neural Networks For All User friendly application with graphical interface, for creating and traininga multi-layer feed-forward neural-networks. The application is intended for systems of GRID computation.

Syntactic Neural Network Library Syntactic is a simple C++ library for constructing general Neural networks. For now the library supports creation of multi layered networks for the Feedforward Backpropagation algorithm as well as Time Series Networks. More will be implemented soon.

AC13 Java Library Simple Open source Java library to control the AC13 Rover robot by the Brookstone A® Company.

AI Neural Networks Do you want a neural network OO class?With documentation?Do not go further... You found it!you have here a complete library of different neural network in an OO encapsulation.Starting from adaline, back propagation, Kohonen

CAD Networks This project uses neural networks to diagnose presence of coronary artery disease from myocardial perfusion scintigraphies. The input is stress and rest polar maps from ECToolBox nuclear cardiac processing software (we used GE Entegra workstations). 15 sample polar map files released. Check the files tab ...

Design Patterns for Neural Networks An experimental project to explore various Design Patterns for Artificial Neural Network implementations.

GNNS - GNNS Neural Network Simulator GNNS - GNNS Neural Network Simulator, is both a set of libraries and an interface for creating and learning neural networks. It is aimed to support as many network typs and learning algorithms as possible. GNNS is meant to support different platforms.

Fast Artificial Neural Network Library Fast Artificial Neural Network Library (FANN) implements multilayer artificial neural networks in C. It is cross-platform, easy to use, versatile, well documented and fast. C++, PHP, PERL, Python, Delphi, .NET, Mathematica bindings and a GUI is available

SINCO - A Neural Network Library SINCO is a GPL library with functions to implement Artificial Neural Networks simulators. You are free to define the network (ilimited neurons and layers) and the functions (training, threshold, etc.).

Flood2plantage : a plugin for pidgin Flood2plantage is a plugin for the pidgin program, intended to floodsomeone for fun ! This plugin add a new command : /flood To use it you must respect this synthax :/flood ;MESSAGE TO SEND;xNUMBER_OF_LOOPdont use this plugin for malicious operation

Flooda Flooda is a free SCM/VC (Software Configuration Management / Version Control) tool. Its source code size is less than 4000 lines, only 1 percent of SVN (Subversion) 's. But some of its features such as task/activity are more powerful than ClearCase UCM.

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